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5 Tips For Restaurant Social Media To Make your Year A Success

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According to Social Media Examiner, 96% of small business owners/marketers use social media marketing. And 92% of those agree or strongly agree with the phrase: “Social media marketing is important for my business.” Yet, according to Direct Marketing, 34% of small businesses have no social media presence at all. What’s more, 36% of those who do never respond to customer comments online. Worse, they don’t post often enough or engage with consumers who reach out through social media.

That’s because they don’t know how. Plain and simple.

Here are 5 tips for restaurant social media that will help you grow your restaurant business.

  1. Use Lots Of Pictures: Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. Of course, that all depends on the photos, so make sure you take good pictures.
  2. Post At Least 3X Per Week: Most consumers forget very quickly, so to stay top of mind, you need to be posting a lot. Here’s a tip: Make some posts just for fun. Some for promotions and still others to sell new items and get people motivated to visit your restaurant.
  3. Engage Customer Reviews: According to American Express, 70% of people trust the opinions of other consumers posted online. Consumers will tell an average of 42 people about a good customer experience. But 53 people about a bad customer experience.
  4. Post Early, Post Often: Research by Constant Contact reports that nearly 80% of smartphone users check their phones and social media in bed before they fall asleep. Plus, they open up their phone in bed before they get up. Posting early in the morning can get you in front of your potential guests while they are planning their day.
  5. Post Features & Specials 2 – 3 Days Early: It can take up to three days for a potential customer to respond to a post about a new product. Special products or featured items in your restaurant can take longer. Our recommendation is to post a nice photo of the feature at 7:45 PM on Sunday night, and then run the product all week. In this way you will see sales pick up by Wednesday and peak on Friday!

It’s tough to think of new ideas for social media each week. Much less three or four times per week. HotOperator has a solution: A Custom Social Media Program. Each month we work with you on your social media. It’s a great way to get ideas and photos that are professionally developed to help you grow your following on social media. Contact us here!

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