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It All Starts With The Menu

HotOperator offers restaurant marketing services that can help you grow your restaurant business. Our expert services will bring higher profits and more restaurant guests. With experience in both retail and foodservice, the HotOperator team can help you launch a new product and develop your foodservice brand. Further, HotOperator can create a new restaurant menu and get it printed. If you need advertising help, HotOperator can develop radio and television advertising and even build and maintain your restaurant’s website, restaurant social media, and social reputation.

Menu development is only the beginning

Brand development and positioning is key

HotOperator Restaurant Marketing services include:

  • Table tents, counter cards, direct mail, advertising, T-Shirts
  • Logos, television, packaging, ad specialties, radio, television, viral video
  • High quality printing, collating and menu covers
  • Social media creative and management
  • Social media reputation
  • Radio, TV, Film


Trust your marketing to HotOperator® and get better results for your foodservice business.

Results Driven, Exceptional Creative. Restaurant marketing is the essence of your restaurant business. It will impact how people perceive your restaurant brand. Marketing will effect the foods you offer. Also, your restaurant guests and your servers will feel the difference. Better restaurant marketing will impact the decisions your guests make about how often they dine with you. Better marketing can even change what they order, how much they spend and even how much they tip. There are two ways to grow your restaurant business. One is to get your guests to spend more money with you. The other is to get more guests to visit your restaurant. HotOperator is the only agency expert at doing both. And that’s how HotOperator offers restaurant marketing services that can help you grow your restaurant business.

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Here are some samples of profitable menus and marketing programs designed especially for our customers.