3 Reasons You Don’t Want Your Advertising Agency To Design-Engineer Your Menu.

1 – They don’t believe menu-engineering works (or in many cases, that menu engineering is even a thing). If they did, they would be design-engineering your menu already, and I guarantee you they’re not. Don’t believe me? Email me your menu and I’ll give you a FREE analysis. Read my report and see if I’m not right about how your menu is working (or in your case, not working).


2 – Your menu will end up in the kids department. All agencies have senior and junior designers and writers, and the senior people all work on the first round, the important stuff like taglines, and headlines and the advertising. The menu, on the other hand, will get shuffled off to some junior person. And what’s funny is, the menu is actually your most important marketing tool. In fact, it should be just the opposite. The senior people should work on the menu because the menu is responsible for serving every guess in your restaurants.


3 – It will cost you too much. Agencies see your menu as a way to make money. They’ll estimate the piece for you, and then they’ll do everything in their power to make sure the project comes in under budget. So your menu will go through the good work for good money machine, and they will give it as little thought as they can just to get it out the door.


What should you do? Call HotOperator and have them estimate your project, and allow them to go through their process. If nothing else, you’ll have an outline that you can beat your agency over the head and shoulders with to make sure they make your menu correctly. But keep in mind, when they start telling you that this menu engineering stuff doesn’t really work, look them straight in the eye and tell they their wrong. The menu experts at HotOperator have been building restaurant menus from the ground up for more than 25 years. And when you put a HotOperator menu on your tables, you will make a lot more money.


Call HotOperator at 1-800-316-3198 or connect up through their website here.