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8 More Restaurant Promotions (Number 5 is Hot Right Now)

Customers Enjoying Meals In Busy Restaurant

Running a restaurant can be tricky. Especially when you have to operate all the day-to-day drama along with marketing the business as well. That’s why HotOperator has come up with 8 More Restaurant Promotions. Before you run off and try these in your restaurant, take a moment and see if you might need a little professional help.

So, here are 8 More Restaurant Promotions can be helpful, but they can also be harmful if they are not well executed.

  1. Influencer Partnerships: Collaborate with local influencers to promote your business to their followers through reviews, shout-outs, or sponsored content. Every community has a celebrity of sorts that can be offered a little something to post on your page for a few days. Take advantage of that connection and have a bump in local credibility.
  2. Customer Testimonials and Reviews: If you’re working with HotOperator, you’re already doing this. Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials, and feature these on your website and social media.
  3. Community Involvement: Sponsor local events, sports teams, or charities to build goodwill and increase brand visibility in your community.
  4. Birthday Discounts: Offer special discounts or freebies to customers on their birthdays to make them feel valued and encourage repeat business.
  5. Prix Fixe Programs: Create bundles or packages of your products at a discounted rate to increase average order value. These can be for a day part, and limited time, or just a single day event. These can be developed as a separate menu, or added to your everyday menu.
  6. Special Guest Events: Like a special local celebrity, or a beer or wine pairing events to get your guests to visit and enjoy themselves.|
  7. Affiliate Program: Create an affiliate program where customers and partners can earn commissions by referring others to your business.
  8. Game Promotions: Getting your servers and other staff to focus on add-on items and new offerings can take some promotions on your end. Talking about extra tips is one thing, but getting a server to actually ‘sell’ something is a different story. Here’s the thing: servers are all coin operated. So offering them an extra buck or two for a short time can get their attention (and you more sales in return).

Mark K. Laux

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