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Restaurant Social Media

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Here’s Why Restaurant Social Media Is A Pain In The Butt


Many restaurant operators use HotOperator for their social media because handling their own restaurant social media is a pain in the butt. With our custom restaurant social media program, HotOperator social media experts spend time with you going over what’s happening in your restaurant. Then, HotOperator develops a restaurant social media calendar that outlines what we’ll focus on for the coming month. This includes restaurant social media promotions, photos, cool and engaging posts and more.


Before we set up the custom restaurant social media program, we set budgets for the creative process, photography and restaurant social media advertising spending for your restaurant. In this way, you always know what you’re spending, and get the most for your restaurant business. For most restaurants, social media can be difficult. Coming up with something interesting to post about that will actually get customers into the restaurant can be very grueling. That’s why so many restaurant operators turn to professional help from HotOperator.


Sadie Hawkins Day

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Introducing HotOperator Restaurant Social Media Calendar

For some restaurant operators, social media can seem expensive. That’s why HotOperator came up with the Social Media Content Calendar. The program includes everything you need to make your restaurant social media program easy, and productive. Each month you receive a calendar that has at least 12 posts including photography, illustrations and 2 promotions that you can copy and paste that will make your business top-of-mind.

Each Monthly Restaurant Social Media Calendar Includes:

  • At least 12 restaurant social media posts
  • Social media copy you can use
  • Professional illustrations and photos
  • At least 2 restaurant social media promotions

Why you should sign up for HotOperator Restaurant Social Media

  • It will keep your restaurant top-of-mind on social media
  • Your restaurant social media will be easier
  • Your restaurant social media will be more professional
  • You’ll have promotions that actually work to get new customers into your restaurant

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How Much Does HotOperator Restaurant Social Media Calendar Cost?

That’s the best part. The HotOperator restaurant social media calendar program is only $199.00 for an entire year! Or you can purchase the program month-to-month for only $17.99, or try it for a month for only $24.99. Don’t let your restaurant social media program go another moment without professional help! Sign up here!

If you would prefer a custom restaurant social media program (if you can afford it, this is the best way to go), contact HotOperator here and have a FREE consultation. Click the link now to get started!

HotOperator Social Media Calendar!


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