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Restaurant Social Media Carryout And Delivery Traffic Program

With the COVID-19 insanity, the most important thing you can do is stay focused on cash flow. To do that, you need a Restaurant Social Media Carryout And Delivery Traffic Program. Cash is king in any business, but with the recent outbreak and restaurant closings, you’re going to need to be creative to keep a trickle of cash flowing into your restaurant. You need a plan, plain and simple. You need an actual program that you follow on a daily basis. That’s why HotOperator came up with the Restaurant Social Media Carryout And Delivery Traffic Program.

If you are a fast food restaurant, this won’t be as difficult because most of your business is probably carryout, drive thru and delivery anyway. But for any full service or limited service restaurant, the transition will be much tougher.

The Restaurants We Represent Are Doing Best

HotOperator has added a number of new clients who are relying on us to develop their social media for them. This is by far the best way to keep your business working for you. As a restaurant operator, you have a lot to think about at the moment. But, and there is always a but, right? But, the most aggressive restaurant operators who are investing in social media support are doing better than the restaurant operators doing social media on their own. Reach out to HotOperator and get help. This is not the time to be timid. Instead, this is a time for you to invest in staying busy. HotOperator can help.

One more thought about using an outside resource for social media: we stay on it. It’s how we get paid, so we don’t let it slip. Many restaurant operators who try to do this all on their own will often start out strong, but then they let it slide. After a week or two they start missing days, then weeks and suddenly they wonder why they haven’t posted in a while, and why their sales are off. If you hire HotOperator, they will stay on it.

Why you need an ongoing program.

Social media is an ongoing communication resource for you and your potential guests. An actual program will help guide you, and keep you communicating on a daily basis. It will also help you with the creative, which can be a struggle. Once you sign up, you get the first 19 posts with photos right away. Then, as long as the virus is disrupting business, you will also receive updates and posts to use to continue to drive traffic to your business. So check your inbox from time-to-time as new information, promotions and ideas are sent out to help keep your restaurant healthy. And keep you communicating. HotOperator is in this with you. That’s why we’re offering this Restaurant Social Media Carryout And Delivery Traffic Program. We want you to be successful! The Restaurant Social Media Carryout and Delivery Traffic Program will help keep you successful.

We Recommend the restaurant social media carryout and delivery traffic program.

COVID-19 is causing all sorts of problems for the restaurant business. But as an essential part of the food supply chain, restaurants need to be talking to their potential customers every day.  If you stop communicating, your followers will forget about you very quickly. And a consumer who is home, thinking about where to get carryout or delivery food will order from whom ever is top of mind.

The HotOperator program offers you a post every day with ways to get your guests to keep you top-of-mind. And it makes them aware that they don’t actually have an illness, so it’s perfectly okay to run out for carryout or curbside from their favorite local restaurant.

That’s why we think you should sign up now. For the cost of two meals at a fast food restaurant, you will have ideas to help you ride out this virus, and keep traffic coming to your business.

Sign Up Now.

How To Post In 4 Steps:

  1. Download the Restaurant Social Media Carryout And Delivery Traffic Program – This is the first step. Without ideas on what to post every day, you will let it slide. We’ve seen it time and again, where restaurant operators have great intentions to post every day, and then the ideas don’t come and they focus on other things. This system is easy, but you have to sign up to make it work.
  2. Download the ZIP file – It’s easy. After you sign up you will be taken to a link with 19 posts with photos and post copy. Each post is labeled to correspond to the copy for the post. This is a ZIP file. To open a ZIP file, simply download it and click on it to expand the folder so you can get at the photos and post copy.
  3. Start posting – Then, simply choose the post you want to use, open you Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, copy the post copy, upload the photo and click post.
  4. Boost – Social media resources are really smart. So just because you have thousands of followers, that doesn’t mean your posts will reach them in a timely manner. So look for the ‘Boost’ button at the bottom of your post. Click that, set up an advertising account and boost each post for $5.00 in 24 hours. Make sure you select “People who like your page and their friends”
If you have questions about this program, call 1-800-316-3198 and someone will walk you through it!
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