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Mahoney's Menu Design Before

Maloney’s Pub Menu Makeover

HotOperator created a great menu for Maloney’s Pub in Summersville, West Virginia. Here is the before and after of the Maloney’s Pub Menu Design. The restaurant menu design is completely client-editable. It was professionally designed and engineered. The result is a custom menu the client can edit on their own.

We started with a series of layout options. Once completed, HotOperator custom design-engineered the final menu you see here. After the layout and text were approved, the HotOperator menu design team developed a Google document that hosts the layouts for the client. When the layouts were completed, HotOperator trained the Mahoney’s staff how to change their own menu. The result is a menu they can update without any outside help.

A great menu needs four things: Product Positioning, Product Highlighting, Mental Anchoring, and Strategic Pricing to be successful. This menu for Maloney’s does this for a higher return on investment. A person’s eyes look at a menu in a certain order. Because we know this, we can take advantage of that tendency to make star products in your restaurant. To know more, follow this link!

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Mahoney's Menu Design After