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Effective Social Media

Here’s how to get more than 5,000 people to engage on Facebook from one post organically (without boosting the post)

It’s difficult to get more than 5,000 people to engage on Facebook from a single post organically (without boosting the post). That goes for Instagram, or Twitter as well. The Land Run is a steakhouse in Enid Oklahoma, a community of less than 50,000 people. We helped launch the restaurant back in December, and have helped them with their social media program ever since. About a month ago the restaurant started opening at lunch. They came to us and asked how we might use restaurant social media to bring attention to their new lunch program.

Along with other posts about lunch, we decided to give away a free lunch. A random person who posted and tagged a friend on their Facebook page. And it worked. We got 5,152 people to see the original post, along with 887 post engagements, including 25 shares and 266 comments and post tags.

Social Media Posts That Actually Work Organically

Organic Restaurant Social MediaThe text said that one lucky person would get a free lunch with the person they tagged, just as long as the person they tagged liked the post. After a few days we chose the winner at random and posted that. Because of this post 5,152 people people saw that The Land Run is now open from lunch. 286 of them asked a friend to go to lunch with them. All in a community of less than 50,000 people.

On top of that, 2,573 people were reached with a photo of the winners, along with 400 post engagements.

To get started, click the link and spend a half an hour on the phone with HotOperator talking about Restaurant Social Media. We can help you grow your business by getting your social media working harder and getting in front of more people in your community.


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