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Here’s how successful restaurant operators use social media with professional help.

To understand how successful restaurant operators use social media, you first have to understand why successful restaurant operators use social media. Successful restaurant operators are obsessed with social media because it’s an inexpensive way to reach a large portion of their local community. According to Sprout Social, 68% of US adults between the ages 18-29 are on Facebook, many of them surfing Facebook and other social media networks from the moment they wake up in the morning. And throughout the day, including while watching TV and just before they go to sleep at night.

More Facts About Social Media

In that same article, Sprout reports the majority of Instagram users fall between 18-29 years old, which equates to roughly 60% of adults on the internet. Between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it’s possible to reach a very large portion of your potential customers on a daily basis. Or at least a few times per week. But reaching them and getting them to engage in your restaurant social media are two different things. And in fact, in many cases, if your restaurant social media is bad, you may actually be sending the wrong message and turning your potential customers away from you.


Here’s How Successful Restaurant Operators Use Social Media

How successful restaurant operators use social media is by posting interesting content, using professional photography (or at least good photography), offering promotions and incentives and being consistent. Just like anything in the restaurant business, consistency is key to the success of any restaurant social media program. In other words, you have to post on a regular basis. And not just post, you need posts, content and promotions that make your social media interesting to your followers.

HotOperator has created an inexpensive program that you can subscribe to that answers the questions: How successful restaurants use social media. The program offers at least 12 posts per month and includes copy, professional photography, illustrations and promotional ideas that will get your potential customers to engage in your social media posts.

Introducing The HotOperator Social Media Calendar

The HotOperator Social Media Calendar includes everything you need to start posting on a regular basis. It’s easy to use, and best of all, it gives you professionally written creative that you can simply upload to your personal social media accounts.

The HotOperator Social Media Calendar includes:

  • Monthly calendar with content spaced out every few days
  • Professional photographs expertly formatted and ready to post
  • Copy and paste copy that you can add your name and logo to
  • Monthly promotions that are tested and work

HotOperator Social Media

HotOperator Social Media Calendar

You want to know how successful restaurant operators use social media? They get professional help. Now, with the HotOperator Social Media Calendar, that professional help just got a lot easier (and less expensive).

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