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Bart 43 Menu Design

Got a call from a potential client the other day asking what we’re currently working on. His words: “So, whatcha workin’ on and why should I care?” I thought that’s pretty direct, but it also pointed out that I haven’t posted much about that lately. So here’s a short list of what we’ve been working on at HotOperator.

Coffee Drink MenuWhatcha Workin’ On 1: 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends

If you’ve been following us at all you know about 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends. It’s a dairy blend that is perfect for foodservice. It’s 100% dairy and you can make mocktails, cocktails, coffee drinks, smoothies, milkshakes and even ice cream with it. Here is a link to some of the ideas we’ve come up with for the product. Oh, and it makes a great, simple dreamy cream-bubbly drink. Just mix a shot or two with any carbonated sparkling water over ice and anyone looking to cut back on alcohol will be in love. And if they prefer, just add a shot of either gin or vodka and you’ve got a great new cocktail. Read our last blog about this terrific product here …

123 Foodies is now available in neutral flavoring with new vanilla coming soon! For more information and FREE samples, follow the link here!Jasmine 123 foodies Super Dairy Blends

Whatcha Workin’ On 2: Blue Plate Restaurant Co. Menu Redevelopment

The Blue Plate Restaurant Company is in Minneapolis, MN. David Burley, the CEO has hired HotOperator to rewrite and redesign all of their seven restaurant locations menus. The work started with a Menu Matrix, and the rewriting is now nearly complete. Next on the agenda is to put our award winning design team to set sights on a look for each restaurant in their group. Here is a link to our gallery for examples of some of their work. Perhaps your menu will be next? 

Whatcha Workin’ On 3: Country House Social

Country House Happy Hour Social Media PostThe Country House restaurants in Illinois have been coming to HotOperator for many years for menu support. They recently started having HotOperator manage their social media as well. The process, like for all of our social media clients, is calendar based. We develop each post about a month out in a calendar, make sure it goes out on time and follow up with any comments. We also develop a number of social media promotions each month. For a look at the social work we’ve been doing for Country House, follow the link here to their Facebook page, or here to their Instagram page.

Whatcha Workin’ On 4: PrimeTime Sports Bar & GrillPrimeTime Sports Bar Logo

Tony Nakuti has been a client of HotOperator for nearly a decade with a number of his restaurants. So, when he wanted to open a new sports bar, he came to us for help with the name, logo, tagline, new menu, interior design, website and consulting through the process. The restaurant and tavern will be ready to launch in early spring just in time for the summer rush. Here’s a look at the logo design they’ve decided to go with.

Whatcha Workin’ On 5: Packy’s Menu Redesign

Packy's Sports Bar Dayton OhioPacky’s restaurant is in the Hope Hotel in Dayton Ohio and their parent company came to HotOpeator for advice on how to make the restaurant business more successful. The original conversation centered on the menu and quickly turned to server training, website updates, radio and billboard advertising, social media and of course, a new menu. We’ve been working with the hotel manager, a corporate executive and their chef to set a direction for the business.

The process started with a Menu Matrix, and after we went through a deck describing our findings, we’re now working with them on rewriting the menu. When HotOperator writes a menu, we write for women. This is because women are much more likely to read a menu. And where women go, men follow. But we also include items that men will love and find easily.

As an example, we’re including a mental anchor item to help consumers keep a mental comparison of the price of food to other, much more expensive items. One example is the C5 Super Galaxy Burger based on the name of the largest Air Force vehicle they have. We chose this idea because the restaurant and hotel are next to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The idea is to offer three beef patties with three slices of Cheddar Cheese, Three Stacks of Bacon, Onion Straws, a Fried Egg and Avocado on a toasted bun for 31.99. By comparison, that makes a regular bacon cheeseburger at 14.99 look inexpensive.

Whatcha Workin’ On 6: Your Next project?

Mark K. LauxReach out and we’ll take a look at your next project. The first call is free, and we’ll offer some advice on what might help you grow your business. In fact, we work with clients from around the world. Our Nudge Process will work anywhere there are human beings looking to go out to dinner. As an example, Anirudh from the Brik Oven Pizza Restaurant in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India asked how our Nudge Processes might work for their restaurant. I’ll let you know how it goes.

To contact Mark and his team, reach out here: [email protected]