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Important News: Super Dairy Blends Now Available

       HotOperator® and 123 Foodies in Long Island, New York launch shelf stable 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends. 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends are the idea of husband and wife team Rueben and Jasmine BenJehuda. They were looking for a better way to make a high quality gelato for their ice cream parlor chain Pop-bar. Mark Laux, managing partner of HotOperator together with Jasmine BenJehuda are pleased to announce 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends are Now Available for sampling to select restaurant operators nationwide.

The Origins of 123 Super Dairy Blends Now Available

Looking for a way to save freezer space while not jeopardizing flavor and quality, Reuben and Jasmine came up with the idea for their 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends. The blends are perfect for today’s rising foodservice menu trends. After testing the product with a wide range of restaurant operators nationwide, Jasmine decided to head up the launch, and started producing the new product. 

About 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends

123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends are shelf stable liquid dessert bases ready to freeze, bake, mix or blend and serve. These 100% all-natural blends come in Neutral, Vanilla, and Chocolate flavors, and are available in 48-ounce containers. The containers are then packaged in three gallon cases. 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends are designed and produced to replace traditional dairy products in various culinary applications. The products have been designed to save on both product and labor costs, and eliminate waste. They are shelf stable for up to a year before opening. In recent tests, the product worked better than expected, and the comments by chefs and operators were all very positive.

Early Uses of 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends

If you have a soft serve machine, an ice cream maker, or offer mocktails and cocktails, this is a product you are going to want to implement. The recent trials created a product that is noticeably better in flavor and consistency than anything it was tested against. With one restaurant operator stating that he has had clients coming into his restaurant specifically for the new drinks he came up with in trials.

Again, Jasmine cannot stress this enough: Reach out to 123 Foodies or HotOperator to get your free samples as soon as possible. The demand for this product will grow rapidly, and you do not want to miss this opportunity.

Sample 123 Foodies Super Dairy Blends

We highly recommend requesting free samples at www.123foodies.com or email [email protected]. Because the product is so new, it is important to reach out as soon as possible to make sure you can be one of the few early adopters of this innovative new product.  

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