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It’s Like A Book, People Are Judging Your Restaurant By The Menu

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A recent survey shows just one in five people care who wrote a novel before choosing if they want to read it, while a whopping 52 per cent make their choice based on the jacket artwork. While only 20% of people deciding on a book cared who wrote it. In the same way …

… People Are Judging Your Restaurant By The Menu

Fatboys After HotOperatorThe same thing is true about your restaurant. Most of your customers are comparing your menu design to everything else they see in their world. And if your menu design is not terrific, it changes your customer’s minds about what they think about your restaurant business.

Better Menu Design Is Better Business

What you’re looking for are compliments in every part of your business. When you get compliments on your menu, you are more likely to get compliments on social media, on the food, on the staff and about your restaurant overall.

Every time someone picks up your menu, they are judging your restaurant by the menu. They are deciding what to expect, what looks good, and if they think the food will taste good. When you offer a generic looking menu, they immediately think you don’t care. And they are less likely to love what you serve.Redneck Red's

Independent Restaurants Have An Advantage

You’re local, so you can incorporate a local look and feel into your menu. You have a chance to have your customers judge your restaurant as being their restaurant. This takes skill, however. It takes a good designer, a skilled creative director and a talented writer to get your menu to look terrific. A beautiful menu will make a fabulous first impression. It’s time you took into considering the fact that people are judging your restaurant by the menu you are using.

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Mark & Kelly Laux

Mark and Kelly are a design-engineer team and managing partners of HotOperator. They have been working in the restaurant business since 1989. Either can be contacted through the HotOperator website, or by calling 800-316-3198.


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