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Restaurant Billboards

Should You Consider A Billboard For Your Restaurant?

When you think about the question: should you consider a billboard for your restaurant, the short answer is, yes. The short reason being, because billboards work. Billboards may seem like a huge waste of money for many restaurant operators. But the facts cannot be ignored. A 2009 in-car study conducted by Arbitron Inc. shows that 71% percent of travelers often look at the messages on roadside billboards.

The Problem With Billboards: Lack Of Creative Ideas

To most restaurant operators, the idea of should you consider a billboard for your restaurant comes down to just getting the word out. This is a mistake. To be effective, a billboard needs to be creative. Billboards need to be memorable. Most restaurant operators rely on the wrong people to help with a billboard. To make a billboard work, you need a professional. Someone who is only interested in your restaurant success.

Napoli's Billboard

Billboards Can Influence Consumers

According to another study, viewers learn a lot from billboard ads. “Billboard viewers recall seeing a wide range of actionable information. This includes stores and restaurants they later visited.” Billboards work if they are made correctly. That’s why you need help from a skilled agency.

Baldino's Billboard

Stay Top Of Mind Outdoors

United States consumers are extremely mobile and are making decisions based on advertising they see on a day-to-day basis. If 98% percent of U.S. residents are driving or riding in a car each month, that’s 98% of a reason to invest in a billboard for your restaurant business. Visit HotOperator.com to get started on a billboard concept for your restaurant business.

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