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Have you ever wondered how to tell if a restaurant menu is well design-engineered?

Here’s how to tell if a restaurant menu is well design-engineered. There are four things to look for. Positioning, Product Highlighting, Mental Anchoring, and Strategic Pricing. 

A well design-engineered menu will have items in the right places, there will be noticeable items that stand out, the prices will all be tucked into the product descriptions, and there will be a couple of price points that offer a balance so guests will not buy on price, but on value.

Another way you can tell if a restaurant menu is well design-engineered:

The menu was hand-crafted and made specifically for the restaurant. Most restaurant operators try to get a menu as cheaply as possible. This is a mistake. You will miss great opportunities if you go the cheap route.

Some restaurant operators will go to their foodservice distributor to get a menu for free. But this is a bad idea because the menu is not free. A distributor menu always comes with some leverage tied to it. That, and it won’t be well designed by actual experts.

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