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Parkway Tavern Carryout Menu

7 Ways To Make A Better Carryout Menu

Most restaurant operators complain about the cost of delivery for their restaurants. And rightly so. Most third-party delivery companies take between 20% and 30% off the top of every order. The good news is, most consumers would much rather buy from the restaurant directly. All they need from you is a nudge in the right direction. Here is how the right carryout menu deal could bring In 15% in profits.

Here are a few tips on how to best nudge your guests into getting carryout rather than delivery, and buying directly from you. Keep in mind, many third-party delivery services will do everything they can to get between you and your customers. But the right design for your carryout menu can go a long way to getting those customers to call you directly for carryout.

  1. Make it a pretty menu
    Unless you’re bald, you probably don’t cut your own hair. Get your menu designed by professionals. The better your menu looks, the more people will be inclined to keep it. And you want your customers to keep your actual printed menu.
  2. Put your phone number on it
    Put your phone number on every page of your menu. Say something like: This is our phone number! Any other phone number isn’t us!
  3. Offer promotion to buy direct
    Lucky for you, most of your guests want to buy direct. They just need to know how to buy direct. And a little incentive never hurts to make sure your guests use and remember your actual phone number. If you have online ordering, put a QR code on your menu too. Then, put a headline on your carryout menu that says: Buy Direct and Save! For a limited time, buy direct and get 10% off your order!
  4. Only include items that travel well
    Most people know carryout and delivery food just isn’t the same as eating in the restaurant. But they are sensitive to a bad meal. You have control over how bad things can get by making sure everything you sell for carryout and delivery is going to make it home okay. If you know a product won’t travel well, don’t sell it. If your guest insists, tell them you’ll make it for them, but you can’t guarantee it will still taste good once they get the product home. 
  5. Size does matter
    Make sure the menu is sized right for easy use. Which is another reason to get your menu professionally designed.
  6. Quality printing makes a difference
    A nicely designed menu on a quality piece of paper will get kept longer and make a better impression than something printed on a copier on copy paper. Yes, it will cost you a few pennies more, but a great menu will make you more money and last longer. 
  7. Put one in every carryout and delivery order
    Seriously, be generous with them. Get thousands of carryout menus, and then give them away. When you run out, print more.
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