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Peter Pappas, owner of Baldinos restaurants in Fayetteville North Carolina has moved his advertising, marketing support and social media to HotOperator to increase foot traffic and at the same time, get a higher ‘sandwich profit contribution’ from each sale. 

Anyone who has ever been to New Jersey knows how a real Jersey Sub should taste.  And it’s that taste that has kept so many hungry people coming back again and again to Baldino’s.  We have offered that same great taste in our subs since the day we opened.  From our classic flat top style grilling, to the freshest ingredients all stuffed into a terrific Italian roll, Baldino’s tradition continues to grow with the same great taste and quality that inspired our first Fayetteville location over 35 years ago.

HotOperator® is a vertically integrated restaurant marketing communications company.

HotOperator offers marketing advice and develop menus and promotions that will grow restaurant businesses. They also make restaurant operators more money by building a better foodservice brand. They also offer social media marketing that is calendar based, and helps restaurant operators connect with consumers.

HotOperator offers foodservice marketing campaigns that bring more customers willing to pay more and do it more often. Their focus is on increasing the number of people visiting each store location willing to pay full price for their meal.

In a statement, HotOperator managing partner said: “We’re excited to have HotOperator and Baldinos in Fayetteville NC working together again.

To learn more, contact [email protected], or visit their website: HotOperator.com