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To find your Fall Food Trends when it’s Time To Update Your Menu

Follow the 5-F’s on Your Menu: Fashion, Film, Furniture, Flowers and Food

To find your fall food trends, and figure out what to do next with your menu, follow the Five-F’s. It’s the best way to predict what will be hot items on your menu for fall and winter this year.

Start with Fashion Trends

Throw back to the 70’s with a twist. The colors are rich golds, brown and Earthy greens. This tells us that your guests will be looking more and more for foods rich in flavor, but foods they recognize. Lots of leather, and everything is covered up, so your plates will want to be covered as well. That doesn’t mean it won’t be sexy, but it does mean that the sexy looks will be hidden.

Then look at Film Trends

With movies like Till, Blonde and the semi-autobiographical The Fabelmans, there is a trend for history, reflection and comfort. This will tend towards earthy foods, root vegetables, and heavy sauces. When looking to update your menu, look to heirloom recipes with an updated feel. That’s where the money will be this winter. 

On to Furniture Trends

Investment pieces, earthy colors along with slate gray, overstuffed pieces and curvy furniture, again, the trend will be towards looking back with a futuristic look. Keep things simple, elegant, and retrospective and your guests will be happy.

Next, it’s Flower Trends

Again, much of the trends are looking for wild, natural flowers with earth tones along with rich, bright accents. This tells you that the foods you’ll want to offer will have some retrospective appeal along with something unexpected and exciting to set off the humble and more heirloom recipes.

And You’re Ready for Food Trends

Think retrospective with a twist. Offerings like Hopple Popples, but made with American fried potatoes, broccoli, onion, grilled chicken, cheddar cheese and topped with poached eggs. Meatloaf, but rolled with mushrooms, provolone cheese and topped with a burgundy gravy. Side it with candied carrots and lumpy mashed potatoes.

On the sandwich side, bring in a carved turkey with apple and a sharp, white cheese. Or Pork Sandwich with Tarragon-Apple Slaw, or a house-made sloppy Joe with a plant-based meat. Another idea is to offer an open-faced club with turkey, ham or chicken breast served over English muffins topped with bacon, asparagus and hollandaise sauce with a side of hash browns.

Whatever you do, make sure you update your menu so you can avoid sticker shock this spring when prices will take another upswing. WHen you bump prices a little more often, it’s much easier to keep up with food trends, and stay ahead of the curve.

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