Your Restaurant Social Media Calendar Is Ready

Monthly Social Media CalendarA New Post Every Day Of The Week

HotOperator has your restaurant social media calendar ready to download. And it’s completely free. No matter what type of restaurant you run, this calendar is perfect for an idea every day to keep you posting.

Research shows consumers use Facebook to make decisions about restaurants, and they are more likely to leave a favorable review than on any other site. But they only do that if they see you when they are on Facebook

Do You Know What To Post About?

HotOperator research shows that the biggest problem for most restaurant operators is, they don’t know what to post. Problem solved, right? Click the link and download the FREE social media calendar. And listen, you don’t have to read this whole blog post. Do it now. It’s completely free.

Twitter has the most engagements for restaurant operators. Which is cool, because the social media calendar works just as well on Twitter as it does on Facebook and Instagram.

Order Up SocialSocial Media Is Photo Hungry

Use photos ( can help with that if you need) because according to AdWeek, images are 18% more likely to get clicked, 32% more likely to get shared and 150% more likely to get Liked (or loved). And keep in mind, you can’t post on Instagram at all without a photo. So there is that.

When To Post has found that the best times to post are when people are eating or watching TV (people multitask, right?), so around 8:30 – 9:00 a.m., then during the noon hour and then again between 7:30 and 8:45 p.m.

Watch The Reviews

People read about restaurants, especially reviews, so posting is very important. You need to control the message. That and clean the bathrooms. According to Yelp research, 75% of consumers will not visit a restaurant that has a negative review about the restaurant being clean (but honestly, I think it’s higher than that).

Your Restaurant Social Media Calendar Is Ready To Download has created a special social media event calendar just for restaurants. And it’s free. Just click the link, fill out the form (we need to make sure you actually want the calendar each month), and start using the cool daily ideas.

An Idea Every Day Of The Year

Order Up Social PostsNever again will you need to figure out what to post about. It’s all there for you. You don’t have to use every idea. But you can if you’d like! There are 365 post ideas, emailed monthly to your inbox. Just sign up, click the link and you will be on the list! Pretty easy, huh?

Remember, your restaurant social media calendar is ready to download. And it’s completely free. Click here (and man, if you made it this far there must be something wrong with you).

Mark & Kelly LauxM+K Laux dba HotOperator is a farm to table marketing consulting firm. Mark and Kelly are a marketing team and managing partners of HotOperator. They have been working in the food business since 1989. Either can be contacted through the HotOperator website, or by calling 800-316-3198.

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