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Making Restaurant Social Media Calendars That Work

Social media for restaurants is getting more difficult to manage. And even though many social media networks are making it more difficult for businesses to get in front of their audience, it’s still an inexpensive way to reach potential customers. But you have to know what you’re doing to make it work. And you have to have the right creative to keep your customers and potential customers engaged.

Here are some tips from HotOperator to help you manage your social media program, and keep your business top-of-mind with your local followers.

Know your audience.

This is the first step in creating an effective, relatable social media account for your business. Pay attention to the people that follow you and their other interests. Be mindful of their desires and conversations even if it doesn’t seem to be directly related to your restaurant business. Remember to use a simple language because not everyone in your audience talks like a restaurant operator. Also, find out where your customers are spending their time using web analytics that show you where your website and social media traffic is coming from. Knowing where your audience is will help focus your social media efforts. To set up a consultation with HotOperator, click the link! To find out more about Google Analytics, click here!

According to the National Restaurant Association, social media savvy consumers (frequent users of at least one social media tool, including Facebook, Twitter, mobile phone applications such as Foursquare or Zomato, or online review sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp) are more active in the restaurant community and dine out more frequently than the general public. This means it’s important to establish your audience and interact with them to form trustworthy relationships that will lead them right to your restaurant’s door.

Establish your identity.

What makes your restaurant stand out? What can your audience expect from your page? Do you have any unique entrees or drink specials that you’re known for? People can sometimes tell when someone different is posting on your page, so it’s important to establish a personality. Whether your posts are funny, witty, or energetic, just make sure your tone is consistent because you’re speaking on the behalf of your business and your business needs to stay more professional rather than too personal.  Whatever you do, make sure the “voice” of your business is consistent, and that means the style of the language you use should always be as similar as possible.

Start conversations.

It only takes a few seconds of your reader’s attention for them to know if it’s worth continuing. Social media and marketing has often been referred to as one giant cocktail party. Create content using topics that will stimulate conversation and pose questions, get people thinking about trends in the industry or new items on your menu (or items they’d like to see).

Remember: Content leads to conversation.

Conversations lead to Relationships and Relationships lead to New Business. The whole idea of social marketing is to engage with your potential customers in a way that gets them to want to try your business.

Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them, so tell them!

Sell, but do it softly.

At some point you need to use your social marketing to help you sell. To do that, you need to be very gentle and subtle. Don’t be afraid to let your audience know why they should try your products, including what cravings they will satisfy, and what benefits they will receive from being connected to you on the web. Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them, so tell them!

Pay attention to timing.

Make sure you’re paying attention to your audience’s activity because timing is crucial. Whether they are getting ready for lunch break or looking for a good place for happy hour on Friday, social media sites are always up and your ultimate goal is to hit the top of their feed with something interesting.

For features and specials, our experience shows that it takes a couple of days for a social media post to bring people into your restaurant. So when you post a photo of a new item, do it at least three days before you plan to launch the new item.

And finally, make sure you have a social media calendar to work from. Coming up with new ideas is difficult, and with everything else you have to do each day, making a social media calendar can keep you from having to worry each day about what to post. HotOperator recommends posting at least twice per week, and checking in at least twice per day.

HotOperator offers a cool new way to get a calendar for your restaurant. Click this link to check out an inexpensive way to get great ideas for your social media every week. Each calendar offers at least two promotions that work, plus great photography and social media ideas that will help keep you in front of your guests. Follow this link to find out more!

HotOperator Social Media Calendar Program

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