Angelo’s, Inverness & Hernando

Angelo Rizzolo moved from New York to Florida many years ago and opened a restaurant. When I talk to him during the winter months he laughs heartily at being in paradise, while his native New York is under a blanket of snow and cold. He’s truly living the dream, and he’s a perfect example of an American entrepreneur.  He staked his future on an idea to make a host of Italian dishes that his mother and grandmother had made when he was a kid, and started his restaurant with very little seed money. That he has succeeded for so many years is a direct result of his hard work, vision and passion for excellence.

When we started working with Angelo on his restaurant marketing our first step was to get the menu makeover completed. There are two ways to grow any restaurant. One ways is the get new customers and the other is to get the customers you already have to spend more. The menu is the perfect tool to help you get your guests to spend more money with each visit to your restaurant.


We've worked with Angelo's for a couple of years and we work on his restaurant web site, menu makeover, cool menu designs, restaurant signage, restaurant email blasts, restaurant radio, restaurant direct mail and restaurant table talkers.

Angelo's N.Y. Style Italian Food

Authentic & Growing


November 12, 2014


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