Sometimes You Just Need Someone To Bounce Idea Off Of, Other Times You Need To Get Everyone On The Same Page.

With over 30 years of foodservice and restaurant marketing experience, Mark & Kelly can help work through your toughest restaurant marketing issues, and help you introduce your solutions to the rest of your group.

Invite Mark & Kelly Laux to lead your restaurant group on an adventure in Restaurant Marketing. We offer daily and weekly restaurant marketing workshops that allow your restaurant franchisee, distributor customers and restaurant association members become much more savvy restaurant marketers.

Section One: Menu Design Engineering - how to develop a better, more profitable menu through menu engineering. We lead your group through the Restaurant Menu Matrix to find the right items to focus the menu on, and then we work through each element of the menu design process, from text copy and writing menu item names and descriptions, product positioning, menu highlighting, mental anchoring and strategic pricing.

Section Two: Social Media Marketing - where we help your members learn the ins and outs of social media and how to leverage social media to get and keep customers. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and more are discussed at length, with a focus on building and optimizing a Facebook page for the restaurants in a step-by-step guided tour. We even talk about video production and photo editing to help guide the restaurant operators through the entire process.

Section Three: Classic Advertising & Media - many restaurant operators struggle when it comes to buying media and getting the most for their money. They also need help with the creative process. We discuss media and how to negotiate a media purchase as well as how to set a budget, how to calculate reach and frequency, and how to develop a marketing campaign that will get butts in seats and keep them coming back.

Section Four: Staff Training - Almost none of the marketing efforts and menu engineering and design will have any effect if your staff are not well trained and ready to meet, greet and serve guests in a way that will keep them happy and wanting for more. Mark and Kelly walk you through staff training for front and back of the house with an emphasis on managing a staff and how to coach them to bring out their best.

Prices vary depending on time and distance, call 1-800-316-3198 X301 to find out how Mark and Kelly can make your next restaurant gathering actually help your restaurants make more money everyday!