Jamocha Joe & Butter Cup

Create an Experience

It could be argued that being in the food business is a little like being in the entertainment industry. When you’re in the business for a long time, you can sometimes forget how exciting it can be to eat something fun.  People are looking to be fed, yes, but they are also looking to be entertained. Since you spend time on the exterior imagery, the parking lot, interior design, music, plates, staff training and everything else, it only makes sense to spend enough time and effort on the food brand to help capture the essence of the business and get your customers prepared for something really special.

With Cedar Crest ice Cream, we’ve tried to take their new product introduction more entertaining to help make the product hip, fun and more interesting. Which is why we came up with a cool cartoon for their new product launch.

Cedar Crest Ice Cream

New product introductions for Cedar Crest Ice Cream, Jamocha Joe, Peanut Butter Cup, Shipwreck and Candy Bar.


December 26, 2014


Business, Menu Design