Wild Onion Restaurant Brand Building

Restaurant Brand Building

Your menu needs a foundation that you can build on. Think of the menu as a landscape. The background is what holds everything together and supports each element. It’s what gives each section and then each item on the menu a place to live. This is the foundation for Restaurant Brand Building.

Planning the landscape, or in this case, the background of the menu, is a little like building a garden. You want to keep similar items together and create little fences or barricades around items to call them out as special or featured among the rest. People like and gravitate towards specialness. It’s why we like celebrities. They are the people who we have been singled out for fame, and they tend to draw attention and become etched upon our memories in a way that helps define the culture in which we live.

In this way, some of the items on your menu are more important and special than others. There are items for which your restaurant can become famous over time that will become a part of the culinary landscape in your market. Like a restaurant legend, your restaurant brand can emerge and become part of what defines the area. And you can either take a proactive participation in the restaurant brand building process, or you can let your restaurant brand happen by chance. Either way, the process will occur. If you are proactive, you can influence the restaurant brand building process and help control your own Restaurant Brand Building. If you leave it to chance, who knows, you might just get lucky.


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December 7, 2014


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