The Original Mels American Graffiti Movie Brand Tie-In

Fame & Fortune For Your Restaurant With A  Movie Brand Tie-In

The American Graffiti Movie Brand Tie-In. I remember talking to William Stark during my senior year in college. He had worked with Raymond Lowe in New York and later with Kimberly Clark Corporation in Neenah Wisconsin. By way of reputation, Raymond Lowe was an industrial designer most famous for creating the Studebaker Avanti among other cars, trains, copy machines and famous packaging designs.

William had moved to Wisconsin to work for Kimberly Clark on the packaging design for the Kleenex brand, and while he was consulting with them, he also taught design at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. I was lucky enough to have had him for several classes.

He would say: “Mark, you can never be great living in Oshkosh. It’s impossible. I know people in New York and Chicago. I’ll make some calls. Do you think Picasso could have achieved his greatness if he had stayed in Málaga?”  When I asked him why he thought that he said: “Because nobody here will ask you for your best effort.”

The Original Mels restaurants has a Movie Brand Tie-In with American Graffiti the George Lucas movie. The power of that restaurant brand connection has resulted in fast, steady brand growth for The Original Mels. Being famous is good for your restaurant. Being a legend pays vast dividends for a restaurant business. And while HotOperator restaurant marketing helped The Original Mels leverage the American Graffiti excitement, the same principles can be used to grow you restaurant brand.

The Original Mels

San Francisco


December 14, 2014


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