Egg Harbor Café

Is One Chicken Picture Better than Another?

I don’t know who drew the original Egg Harbor chicken, nor do I know who did the artwork for the Egg Harbor restaurant menu before my team worked on it. But I’m willing to bet they would rationalize theirs is as good or better than the one we developed. Everyone is a critic, and while I know which one I like better, there is still no accounting for taste.

We developed at least a half dozen restaurant menu illustration styles before settling on the one the client finally chose. Each had its own qualities, some were arguably more fun, but ultimately, the style we settled on works well in this application. Egg Harbor is breakfast concept, and the early morning sun with the arrangement of ingredients and the rooster flanked by morning glories enhances the name and image for this chain of restaurants.

Constructs of Brand Building

If you sell food to consumers, you have a brand. It can be a brand built on purpose for specific reasons around the constructs of brand building, or it can be done by accident. Either way you get a brand. When we developed the Egg Harbor menu, we used the following brand constructs to help guide the process. There has been lot of research done on the perception of brands and what makes one brand more appealing than another. For the most part, there is an attention to detail as well as a level of sophistication that is essential to giving a restaurant brand an edge in the market place.


July 12, 2010


Business, Menu Design, Menu Design Engineering