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HotOperator Server Training Game

HotOperator Server Training Game

Introducing the HotOperator Server Training Game! Would you spend 29.99 to turn your restaurant staff training into a Restaurant Game? HotOperator recently launched a Restaurant Training Game that gives you a great new way to get your staff excited about increasing your sales, getting you happier customers and increasing your social media fans.
The game covers the basics of working in a restaurant and encourages your staff to focus on their jobs in a fun way that makes working in a restaurant more productive. It also guides managers to draw focus so that they are always looking after their staff. When Mark Laux does training and marketing seminars, at every event he gets a lot of questions about how often restaurants should be training, and how to keep their staff focused. His answer is every minute of every day, and then double that amount.
It's simple, straight forward and to the point. There are 144 cards, 48 different pointers, 3 sets of each. The Restaurant Business is a simple business, and the cards cover the most important points of being in the restaurant business. So, if used properly, the HotOperator Server Training Game will offer an effective way to keep your entire staff focused on what will work best to get a larger fan base for your business.
Here's what you get:
•Manager Instructions
•144 HotOperator Server Training Cards
•48 HotOperator Server Training Tips
•Restaurant Server Tip Poster
•HotOperator Server Training Prize Suggestions
The HotOperator Server Training Game is designed to keep your staff focused on the behavior and activities that your restaurant guests want more. When you turn your server training into a game, your restaurant servers are more likely to focus on your guests and learn more quickly.  To order yours now, click the Buy Now link!

May 2, 2018


Business, Restaurant Marketing