Restaurant Food Category Selection With Woody’s Grille

Mom Always Loved You Best

I think it sometimes can be difficult for restaurant owners to choose what they want to feature, because they are forced to decide which of their restaurant menu items are going to be their favorites. And in some ways, it’s like trying to decide and then without any shame, tell the world which of their kids they like best. Think about it: You have three sons, and you pick the middle one. Unabashedly you say: “Yup, Timmy is our best effort. He’s the one we love best and the one you want your daughter to marry.”

Well, the restaurant products you sell are not your kids. They are food products. And like any food products being marketed, they have a role to play in your restaurant. And you have to decide which one in each restaurant menu category is going to get more of your love and attention, because otherwise your guests will make those decisions for you, and they will find their own level of restaurant value.

So choose, and don’t worry too much that you will not always be right in the eyes of your guests. What you like best and what they ultimately gravitate towards may be different, and that’s OK. Ultimately you will have an impact over time, and the result will be a much higher level of connection with your restaurant guests and your restaurant brand. So even though some specific items you thought could be stars will turn out to be puzzles, you will create stars in your restaurant.


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December 22, 2014


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