When your guests look at your menu what do you suppose they think of your food?
Just because a kid gets an "A" in art, doesn't mean you should give him a shot at designing a menu.

Restaurant Menu Engineering should be a top priority for your restaurant marketing. Your restaurant menu effects how your guests think about your food, how they feel about your brand and how much money they will spend in your restaurant. Your guests will judge your restaurant by how well they like your menu.

Restaurant customers are not a chefs and most can’t make the foods you sell in your restaurant at home. OK, so it’s the same thing for you, only with menus. A well designed and engineered menu requires skills most people (even designers and advertising people) don't possess.

You may not have gotten into the restaurant business just to make money, but now that you’re here, you may as well get paid for your efforts. Restaurant menu engineering can bring anywhere from $20,000.00 on the low side to more than $100,000.00 per year per store location in increased profits. This is your money. All you need to know is where to find it.

  • Increase profits by 2% to 10% per year, per restaurant business location
  • Discover your best performing food items
  • Know which items to keep, change or delete on your menu
  • Introduce great new food products to your restaurant patrons

Cookie cutters are for bakeries, not for your social marketing.

The HoOperator marketing team is lead by one of the leading food service marketers working in the food business today. With countless social media options out there, you have a lot of choices. But keep in mind, all marketing minds are not the same (and depending on whom you hire, there may not be a mind behind your marketing at all.

You have to think about your social media like a daily television program. You need writers, ideas and creative content to keep people interested over time. And it has to be good stuff. Not some cookie cutter approach from an automated system, but your own content that builds your personality.

You want to be able to connect the dots with your social media. You want to be able to know that you spent some money on your social media and it paid you back. HotOperator can do that. If you reach out to use, we can show you how to make your social media make you money.

Being cheap with your marketing plan is like gambling at a casino. You are gonna have open reservations (and tables).

In order for a restaurant marketing campaign to be successful it must get more guests to come in more often, get them to pay more for each meal, and get them to like it better. If your restaurant marketing campaign doesn’t do this, then you need to re-think what you’re doing. Here’s a recent example of a brand doing it wrong: Red Lobster develops and advertises a new menu with lower price points--an entire campaign designed to lower revenue per available seat hour at a time when even McDonald’s is taking a price increase.

And while they may think it’s possible to make up in volume what they will lose in lower prices, the questions remains: Why not do both? Why not look for more people and have them pay more for the experience? Any fool can get more customers by lowering the price. But it takes real panache to get more customers and take your prices up. And it takes a stroke of genius to do this and give guests a more enjoyable experience.

Here’s the problem from viewpoint of the restaurant operator: there are many well-qualified consultants available but they only give advice and take no accountability for the follow-through. There are also many great graphic designers and advertising agencies out there who can work on marketing communications program, but what you end up with is nothing more than a redesign for a campaign for any number of products.

Or you could use HotOperator®. We’re a vertically integrated restaurant communications company that offers great advice, and at the same time, can actually develop a deliverable that will help you grow your business, make more money and build a better restaurant brand. This integration allows us to offer restaurant marketing campaigns that bring more guests willing to pay more and do it more often.


It is essential to pay close attention to the voice and style of the brand.


The HoOperator creative team is lead by one of the leading creative directors working today.


You need HotOperator helping you manage your social media.


HotOperator can manage the entire marketing process.


One voice, one look approach to restaurant brand building.


Increase profits by 2% to 10% per year, per restaurant business location.