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Gianni’s Menu Makeover Investment Pays Off

John Colendrea from Gianni’s Pizza Restaurant contacted HotOperator about redesigning and engineering his menu. He was in a rush to get it done and implemented before he went on a family vacation in early June. So there wasn’t enough time to develop a Menu Matrix. Instead, HotOperator had to rely on John’s PMIX and use our best judgement to determine what to promote on John’s new menu, and how to highlight those items.

There were a couple of things that John asked us to focus on. First was the Cheesy Garlic Bread, which had slowed down in sales, but was a good source of incremental income for the business. Second, John wanted to call attention to the pastas, which were not good sellers but offered a much higher plate contribution to his restaurant business.

What’s More Profitable, Pizza or Pasta?

I often tell pizza restaurant operators that sell pizza to focus more on pastas because they aren’t shared items, so the money you make on pasta can be much higher than on pizza per person. John agreed, and while we were writing the menu we recommended a number of pasta items that John could add to his menu.

We kept the highlighting techniques simple, just green boxes with red item names on a white background because we wanted to speed up the transactions at the counter. Gianni’s is a limited service restaurant where you order the food at the counter, then go and find a table and a food runner delivers your order. 

Carryout Menu & Counter-Top Menu

HotOperator designed two menus. The first was a new carryout menu. The menu he was using was designed by his cheese manufacturer, and it was not engineered to help grow his profits or his business. The second was a counter-top menu that a customer could look at rather than trying to read a menu board. We recommended printing a dozen counter-top menus and laminating them so that when John had a line at busy times, he could hand them out to guest to read while they waited.

When I asked John for an evaluation on how our new menus were working for him, he had done this to say:

“I did have a chance to review the POS data with the new menu implemented. We increased our overall average ticket from $18.84 to $19.71 this should equate to roughly $58-65k in additional profit … the hottest items so far are the Cheesy Garlic Bread and the Baked Ziti with the works. That was an item you recommended and I was skeptical of using pepperoni with pasta, but people love it.”

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Mark & Kelly LauxMark and Kelly are a design-engineer team and managing partners of HotOperator. They have been working in the restaurant business since 1989. Either can be contacted through the HotOperator website, or by calling 800-316-3198.

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