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HotOperator Restaurant Marketing Services The Restaurant Consulting and Menu Design staff and managing partners of HotOperator are seasoned veterans of the food business. With experience in both retail and foodservice, the HotOperator restaurant marketing team can help you launch a new product, develop your brand, create a new restaurant menu, develop radio and television advertising and even manage your restaurant's website and Facebook pages.

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Websites And Web Development

It All Starts With Your Menu

Your guests are being inundated with marketing, so you have to be clever, relentless and sophisticated with your marketing communications. HotOperator can manage that entire process and help you grow your business no matter what the economy is doing, and not matter what your competitors do.

  • Really cool menu design is only the beginning
  • Restaurant brand development and positioning is key
  • Restaurant Marketing services include:
    • Cool table tents, counter cards, direct mail, advertising, T-Shirts
    • Professional logos, television, packaging, ad specialties, radio, television, viral video
    • Plus quality printing, collating and menu covers
    • Restaurant social media management and consulting
    • Restaurant packaging design
    • Radio creative, TV creative, video production
    • Websites & Web Develop
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Restaurant Menu Design-Engineering

The Menu Matrix

The HotOperator Restaurant Consulting and Menu Design Team has developed an exclusive Restaurant Menu Matrix reporting process to help find the items on your menu with the best plate contribution, and highest popularity. It's the very best way to fully engineer a menu and increase your restaurant profits. We've automated this process with a proprietary computer program for you to help find the items on your restaurant menu with the best plate contribution, and highest popularity. You will need three things to create an accurate Menu Matrix:

  1. Selling price
  2. Volume per item per average week
  3. Food costs
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If you're like many restaurant operators you don't have the time or inclination to spend all day on Facebook and Yelp paying attention to everything everyone is saying about your business. Instead, you're spending time with your people and your guests making sure everything in your business is running smoothly.

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