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Romancing The Restaurant Brand

Some Things Are Universal (Like The Connection To Your Brand)

In Tim Horton’s book Romancing The Brand, Tim describes how a young woman tells a focus group that Diet Coke is like her boyfriend. And how a twentysomething tattoos the logo of Turner Classic Movies onto his skin. These consumers aren’t just using these brands. They are engaging in a rich, complex, ever-changing relationship. They’ll stay loyal, resisting marketing gimmicks from competitors and influencing others to try the brand they love.

People are responding to brands that have been romanticized. As the landscape of the restaurant industry changes, your brand connection is what will work to keep your guests visiting your restaurant. Therefore, without strong, romancing of your restaurant brand, you may not survive.

January 1920, The Restaurant Industry Changed

100 years ago the restaurant industry changed in the United States. That was the year prohibition was passed. And it saw a sharp decline in full service restaurants that offered alcohol (for obvious reasons). Because of that, many of the top quality, fine dining restaurants were suddenly gone. They were replaced with diners and cafés across what was a rich and truly elegant restaurant landscape.

June 2020, The Restaurant Industry Is Changing Again

The restaurant landscape is changing rapidly right now. And your chance to survive requires your brand assessment and expression to be romantic. That’s why you need to be more sophisticated with your marketing than you have ever been before. That, or you will die off.

Romancing your restaurant brand requires a marketing firm with an objective viewpoint and a long history in the foodservice industry. For this reason, you need a great storyteller with a team of professionals who have worked in the foodservice business.

Is The Restaurant Industry Sick?

The restaurant business has caught the Coronavirus. Not just the people in the business, but the business itself. Because of COVID-19, consumers are nervous. Restaurants are at half capacity. Food prices are fluctuating rapidly, and the world is chaotic. To succeed, the restaurant industry will need to rethink its strategy moving forward. What worked in the past will no longer suffice.

About HotOperator

HotOperator is offering a consultation to help you navigate these difficult times. Reach out before it’s too late. A simple email to get things started, and we’ll be there for you. We are committed to the foodservice industry. We love restaurants. We want them to survive. But we can’t do that unless we work together. Let us help you with romancing your restaurant brand.

M+K Laux dba HotOperator is a farm to table marketing consulting firm. Mark and Kelly are a marketing team and managing partners of HotOperator. They have been working in the food business since 1989. Either can be contacted through the HotOperator website, or by calling 800-316-3198. or contact Laux here.


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