Your Distributor Has Never Loved You (Sure, They Love Your Money, But Not You).

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Don’t take it personally, but your relationship with your restaurant foodservice distributor is not as good as you think it is. Which can be pretty bad, especially if you, like most restaurant operators, have only a lukewarm relationship with your foodservice distributor to begin with.

Your restaurant distributor is interested in your money, however, and they are really good at getting it. They have a lot of really clever ways of manipulating your business for their best interests. Sadly, not all of those interests are inline with yours.

What you need most in your business is an objective viewpoint. You need a marketing partner that can look at your sales, analyze your margins and come up with a better restaurant menu marketing plan than you’ve ever had before.

Call HotOperator now at 800-316-3198, or contact the restaurant marketing experts through their website here, before you are lead down the wrong path any further.

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