So Your Kid Got An ‘A’ In Art? Great, But That Doesn’t Qualify Them To Make Your Menu.

iStock_boy:backpack000006349432MediumNephew art (My Kid Art?) can be gratifying, but it can’t make you a ton of money. At least not like a professionally design-engineered menu can. And while your child or server, or wife, friend, significant other may be really good a drawing, a menu is a very complicated selling tool. So unless they have been design-engineering menus for a long time, it’s not a great idea to put your business in their hands (or watercolors).


Instead, give HotOperator a call now (you don’t even have to tell them) and hire their menu-marketing engineers to create a menu exclusively for your restaurant. You’ll make a lot more money, and you’ll feel much more comfortable knowing that your menu was worked on by professionals. Call 1-800-316-3198 or contact the restaurant marketing experts through their website here.

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