3 Things That Might Surprise You About Restaurant Menu Scatter Graphs

Happy Chef

1 – Most Restaurant Operators don’t know what they’re selling most of the time. And what’s worse, they think they do. Most restaurant operators think they have a great hold on what sells because they see it go out the door. But what they don’t realize is, most of what they see is just rationalizing what they already think. The only way to know for sure what’s working in your restaurant is to create a menu scatter graph.


2 – A Restaurant Menu Matrix will always have Dogs in them. By nature of how a Restaurant Menu Matrix is created, some of the items on the menu will look like dogs. So the job of a Restaurant Menu Matrix is not to get rid of the dogs, but to better understand which items can be come stars, and how to enhance those items as much as possible.


3 – Most Restaurant Operators give way to much credit to Cash Cows. A Cash Cow in a restaurant is an item with high popularity and low profits. And we understand why that is, these items sell well, too well, in fact. And as a restaurant manager it’s your job to find ways to get people to buy the items that make the most sense for your restaurant.


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