8 Things You Maybe Don’t Know About Restaurant Brand Marketing

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1 – A properly developed restaurant brand can and should last indefinitely, so making a brand mistake can cost you huge headaches as well as untold millions in lost revenue over time. Make sure everything you do with your restaurant brand enhances its brand position in the markets you serve.


2 – A Great Restaurant Brand is true to itself. Make sure your restaurant brand is never asked to work out of its character or you will suffer consequences.


3 – A Great Restaurant Brand Invents or Reinvents A Category. Mc Donald’s invented fast food. Panera reinvented fast casual. Applebee’s reinvented the neighborhood bar. What has your brand invented or reinvented (and it’s OK to make that stuff up, too)?


4 – A Great Restaurant Brand Is Emotional. It’s like any other purchase, when people feel a strong emotional connection to a brand, they are much more likely to make that purchase again and again. And the emotions need to be positive (anyone can piss of a customer, which doesn’t help your brand).


5 – A Great Restaurant Brand Has A Fantastic Story. A restaurant brand can evolve, meet new challenges and even introduce new products that might otherwise seem to be out of character, with the right story to back it up.


6 – A Great Restaurant Brand is Consistent. That means the visuals, the coy, the photography, the social experience all need to share the same voice, with the same personality, forever.


7 – A Great Restaurant Brand is Relevant. A great brand personality will reflect and be relevant to the audience it is trying to communicate with. This is essential to the success of the brand over time. If your restaurant is known for polka and sauerkraut, giving it the voice of a punk rocker from Liverpool will not make sense to anyone you’re trying to sell to (and polka is really fun, especially with the right partner).


8 – A Great Restaurant Brand Creates A Point Of Difference. Your unique selling proposition is essential to your brand and how your guests perceive your business. Having real, tangible reasons to purchase a burger from you rather than someone else can make or break your restaurant.

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