5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Restaurant Menu Highlighting

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1 – Restaurant Menu Product Highlights can work to slow the sale of a product if you’re not careful. HotOperator research shows that there are actually very few menu highlights that actually increase the sales velocity of a product on a restaurant menu. Not knowing how highlights work best can cost you in the long run.


2 – Restaurant Product Positioning will enhance your highlights, but only if you know what to look for. Restaurant eye movement charts are impacted by highlights, and so are menu sales and profits. Getting this part wrong can make dogs out of stars.



3 – Knowing which Restaurant Products to Highlight on a Restaurant Menu is very important. It’s not just about popularity, but instead, you want to focus on items that can become stars over time.


4 – Highlighting an Inconsistent Restaurant Menu Product will kill it quicker. Once a Restaurant Menu is properly highlighted, people will try those highlighted items more often. If the product is inconsistent or poorly made, it will drop off in sales very quickly.


5 – Restaurant Menu Highlights are not stronger than your serving staff. If you highlight a product you want to sell more of and your wait staff doesn’t like the item, it will never sell well.


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