4 Reasons Foodservice Distributors Make Poor Menu Design Partners

1 – They want your food business (as much of it as they can get). To your distributor, your restaurant menu is just another way to get the food business. And if they can leverage a little of their administrative staff to get it, they will. But this doesn’t make them experts in menu design engineering, so when a foodservice distributor makes a restaurant menu for you, their primary reason for doing so is to lock up the food business.


2 – It’s a conflict of interest. Your foodservice distributor has a list of food items they want to sell, through your restaurant. These are items that make them a lot more money than others, and those items are the very items that they will promote on your restaurant menu. It’s not that they don’t know how to engineer a menu, it’s that they are at cross-purposes with you and your restaurant business. So not only do you have to manage the process of your own menu design engineering, you also have to keep a watchful eye on which items your foodservice distributor wants to promote.


3 – They have an unfair advantage. Your restaurant distributor knows more about your food and supply purchases than you do. They monitor what you buy, pay attention to the prices you pay and which items you watch most closely. And there are reasons they make you agree to buy a certain percentage of your food purchases from them in exchange for a menu. They know they’ll make it back in increased prices and guaranteed volume.


4 – They don’t live or die by your menu. Unlike a professional Menu Engineering and Design company, your foodservice distributor isn’t that tied to the success of your menu. So their interest in giving you objective advice is less important than getting your menu out the door.


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